Project Overview
The increasing integration of renewable energy sources in electrical systems along with the inclusion of recent technologies, such as Electric Vehicles that require large amounts of energy from the grid in a short period of time, lead to additional variability on consumption patterns.
As a result, the network management becomes more challenging.
A microgrid integrating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can contribute to mitigate these challenges, allowing a more flexible, efficient and reliable network operation.
Therefore, and in order to meet the identified challenges, Efacec presents an innovative microgrid demonstration project: DEMOCRAT, with the integration of solutions and technologies in the field of smart grids and energy storage.
DEMOCRAT stands for DEMOnstrator of a miCrogrid integRAting sTorage. This project involves several business units of Efacec, namely:
  • Automation and Smart Energy (Efacec Energia, the promoter)
  • Switchgear (Efacec Energia, the promoter)
  • Transformers (Efacec Energia, the promoter)
  • Efacec Electric Mobility
  • Efacec Equipos (Spain)
The DEMOCRAT project has received grants from the COMPETE program, within the national “Portugal 2020 framework”, supported by the European Union.
These grants support the investment and R&D effort presented by the Automation and Smart Energy business unit, on behalf of the promoter.