Related Projects
Efacec has participated in several R&D projects, as main promoter, co-promoter or as outsourcing partner. The projects described below refer to some of those that better describe such participations, which are technology related with DEMOCRAT. 
Advanced management of Battery Energy Storage System assets and of Energy Storage assets based in artificial intelligence and innovative optimisation techniques to support RES integration and micro-grid operation.

Development of a New Solution for the Secondary Substation of the Future.


Advanced Distribution Management System for Active Management of LV Grids.

Project status: concluded


Innovative controls for renewable source integration into smart energy systems: a) advanced functionalities for the future smart secondary substation b) state estimation with improved observability methods providing minimal number and optimum location of additional measurements.

» NEDO (

Automated Demand Response Demonstration System in Portugal.

Project status: concluded 

Optimal System-Mix Of flexibility Solutions for European electricity: a) IEC 61850 Interoperability; b) TSO-DSO Interface Optimization.
INSULAE contributes to the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative by providing an Investment Planning Tool (IPT) able to create Actions Plans for the islands to generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy.
» Sensible (

Demonstration of different types of small-scale energy storage that can be integrated into buildings and communities in Evora (Portugal), Nottingham (UK), and Nuremberg (Germany).

Project status: concluded


Smart distribUtion System operaTion for mAximizing the INtegration of renewABLE generation.

Project status: concluded

» e-balance (

Balancing energy production and consumption in energy efficient smart neighbourhoods.

Project status: concluded

» InovCity (evora-inovcity)
Smart Energy Living.